Advantages of Webmaster Tools

There are a number of ways to drive visitors to a site but basically the two main are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). While there are a number of similarities between the two ‐ ‐ ‐ i.e. they both revolve around key words, they're fundamentally different.


To be able to learn how to use them here is some advice about if SEM is your better choice and when it's best to utilize SEO. However, before we move themselves, it is required to clarify what goes from the SEM category and what we include on the SEO listing that is free.


What Is Free SEO and What's Paid SEM?


There are multiple definitions of what SEM and SEO are. In some cases they are used or SEO is included as a subcategory of their SEM umbrella, which is somehow confusing.


Thus, to avoid confusion, here is the way we specify SEO. SEO involves all the link constructing and onpage optimization tasks the purpose of which will be to attain great rankings while SEM is everything else that you pay for, for example PPC traffic. If this means that compensated links belong to SEM, you may ask. No, they dothey belong neither to SEO, nor to SEM andn't they are simply hat.


When to Use Free SEO. Contact SEO Company India to know more about SEO


Free SEO may not involve spending money but it isn't the option. If you think about how much time you spend for onpage optimization and also for link building, you do not regard it as free anymore ‐ ‐ ‐ time is money and these free SEO actions have wasted you so much time that you already know how expensive 'free' can be. There are cases once you just need SEO. These instances include:


Less competitive keywords, especially long-tail keywords. For less competitive words, your investment in SEO is much more likely to pay off because you don't require that much time and effort to attain excellent rankings. As if you bid on them, you will get clicks this is particularly true for long-tail key words. For long-tail keywords it's possible to rank well even without any special SEO activities ‐ just incorporate the long-tail keyword a couple of times on the page and it's not unlikely to reach the very top of search results even without many (or even any) backlinks.


When you're on a small budget. The next case when SEO is not merely the better but the only choice is if you are on a tight budget and ideally you have all the time on earth. If your budget is restricted, you might have the ability to buy some PPC clicks but basically 100 or even 200 clicks will not make a difference anyway. In this case, you simply invest your time and when your budget allows it, move to PPC.


It may look like SEO isn't very useful, once the cases it's the better option are the few but this is not so. SEO is useful and in the event that you can afford to spend a lot of cash on PPC, never ditch organic rankings entirely.


When to Use Paid SEM


Sooner or later you notice that free SEO does not provide the results you desire. This feeling is particularly strong after another upgrade to the search engine, like the Panda upgrade, whenever your sites that utilized to rank well for your key words get buried down the search results. At times like these, almost everybody paid search and will turn to PPC. However, even if the times aren't drastic, SEM is a good alternate. For instance, it functions best in the next instances:


For competitive key phrases. Aggressive key words are too difficult to conquer organically. In case you have in mind for competitive keywords PPC is much cheaper than organic. Of course, if you begin with Adwords and $3-4 dollar clicks, the costs will be huge but if you attempt competitive keywords on some of those Adwords options initial, most likely you will achieve better results for a fraction of the amount of money you would spend on Adwords.


When you want a lot of traffic in a brief period of time. Free SEO takes a while to see some effects. If you're under time limitations ‐ ‐ i.e. you need traffic on some event, you may hardly wish to wait. For instance, if you promote Christmas stuff and your keywords are too competitive, you might end nicely but it's no use to rank well for keywords in February, for instance. Therefore, in November and December you might want to drive traffic with PPC. It's just in time for next season's Christmas, so essentially PPC is the only choice, if you want to begin SEO at the time.


For better exposure. Most experts feel that it is Top 5, or even Top 3 for a specific keyword that matters. By way of example, if you figure out how to make it to put it differently, this will not be as great as getting into the Top 5 and you'll have spent a good deal at free SEO. You need to contemplate listings, if you would like to get better exposure. Paid listings for a given key words are displayed above ones that are organic, so you're getting more exposure, but you also have to have remember that generally users are more inclined to click on organic results than on paid listings because they feel organic listings are more authentic.


To find keywords that convert nicely. Paid SEM is a superb source of keyword tips for free SEO. You may observe that some of the aggressive keywords you believed would do good for you, if you ranked well in Google for them don't convert once you start a campaign. It's quite plausible that if there is a keyword competitive, this doesn't necessarily mean it will convert for you and it is best not to learn it the hard way.

Is see whether this particular keyword converts well and spend some bucks. Then improve your budget along with your search engine optimization efforts to get this if it does.


Free SEO and paid SEM complement each other brilliantly. Each of them has its strengths and weaknesses and for best results, the approach that is winning is to utilize both. You need to experiment a bit until you do continuing monitoring of the effect and also find the ideal combination for you but after you discover the formulation that is ideal, you won't feel how much traffic you are going to be getting.

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